Nail Tutorial-Under $10!

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I have had so many compliments on my nails and questions as to how I do them. Being a student, I love anything that will save me money, while allowing me to still express my style and beauty. I have one of the cheapest (and easiest) nail routines out there! These press on nail kits by Kiss work wonders. They are not your average stick on nails. I am not sure what makes them such miracles but they last for at least a week and a half at a time. All you need is one of these kits (available at Walmart for $9), your favourite polish colour, and a buffing block (not in the above photo, but you can get the one I use here). For this tutorial, I am using the short, square nails but you can choose from a variety of lengths and shapes. Set aside 10 minutes and voilà! Gorgeous nails.

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Step 1: Remove any and all polish off of your nails (yes, including clear). Gently buff your nails using all 4 sides of the buffing block until surface is even and shiny.

Step 2: Gather the nails you will need for each finger (remember to set out 2 of each, 1 for each hand).

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Step 3: Using the glue provided, lightly coat one nail at a time. Grab the corresponding fake nail and push it onto your nail (pushing diagonally into the nail bed first, then down onto your nail). Hold nail onto your finger for approximately 5-10 seconds. Repeat steps for each nail on both hands until your hands look like this:

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Don’t worry if you can see a few air bubbles under the nails, as long as they are all firmly stuck in place. If at this point you find you have accidentally gotten some glue on your hands (it happens… A LOT), grab the buffing block and using side 1, buff the DRIED glue off of your skin.

Step 4: Pick your polish. For this tutorial I chose to use a favourite Fall/Winter colour of mine: Essie’s Glamour Purse. Paint two coats per nail and let dry completely.

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And you’re finished!

Ps. These kits come in packs of 100, so you should be able to get 8-10 uses per kit. That takes your price-per-manicure down to only 90 cents!



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