January Sparkle

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First off – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! New Years is one of my favourite times to celebrate. Unfortunately this New Years ever, I was headed home before the clock struck twelve! Note to self – Do not drink Absinthe straight. Ever.

With a new year comes new year’s resolutions. What are some of the resolutions you have made for 2016? My biggest one is to nix the daily Starbucks runs. I don’t think I have had any Starbucks since 2015 actually. I have been making my coffee at home each day and I love it!

January is always such a dull month. Your bank account has shrunk, your skin is white, and the skies are grey. Matter of fact we shot this look while it was slushing out. For those who don’t know what slushing is, it is what happens when it tries to snow but it’s slightly too warm so you end up with large chunks of wet slush falling from the sky. Is there a more depressing month?

For this look I wanted to add a bit of sparkle to my usual January neutrals. This sequinned skirt works perfectly to throw on for a last minute date or family gathering. I like how easy it is to toss it on with a blouse or a sweater (seen above) and head out the door. My Guess satchel was a Christmas gift (has a removable cross-body strap too!) which I love. This bag does double duty for me as a quick diaper bag as well. It has so many pockets!

Mila’s first birthday is next week so we have been planning like CRAZY (I will be sure to post about how it goes). For her party, we have chosen a fairy garden theme (how cute!).

Wish us luck with the party, and happy January!



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