Black Out

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It’s almost Spring! Which means floral prints, sunny days, and yet another semester finishes for us students.

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room: my posting hiatus. I could easily attribute this to a busy schedule (a VERY busy schedule). None the less I am SORRY. Blogging is something I love doing, it just seems to continuously be thrown to the back burner.

Amongst everything else, I am currently training for my first half marathon in October! Woo-hoo. Take my word here, if I can somehow manage to run my booty 21km, there’s hope for anyone. Wish me luck!

An all black look seemed fitting for mourning the loss of sunshine lately. All we have had is rain, rain, rain and more rain. I understand why the nickname, “the wet coast”.

Guys how cute is this bag though? Such a cute duplicate for the coveted Céline. I snagged it on a killer sale at The Bay recently! You have got to keep an eye out, I make out like a bandit more often than not (hehe).

Side note, my sunglasses were yet another Winners find. They have an amazing selection of designer sunnies (Guess, Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden etc.) for so cheap! It is CRAZY. I nabbed this cat eye pair about a week ago for just $12.

Outfit Details



Faux Leather Leggings


Sunnies were a Winners Find


Watch is a Classic MK; Ring is People’s



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