Knits and Gum Boots

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It has been nothing but wind and rain here on the coast lately!

Praying for some Spring sunshine, but until then I am staying cozy and dry. If you have been following my blog awhile, you know I was on the hunt for a pair of bright yellow Hunters through the end of Fall and into the Winter. Hunter discontinued yellow (how sad is this) so I had to settle for this bright red pair! Honestly, I am not even mad. These red gumboots are equally as bright and pretty. If you haven’t owned a pair of Hunters before, you are missing out! Especially if you live on the ever-rainy West coast Wet coast. These boots are so comfy and equally as stylish. They come in a variety of colours and styles (I currently have my eye on a short pair – green or pink?)

I chose to pair these colourful wellies with this cozy, long knit vest and leather leggings. This leopard print Michael Kors clutch pulls the outfit together. I have always considered leopard print a neutral (just me?). It pairs well with almost anything!

Happy rainy days!



Cheetah Print Clutch (Cheaper Option) | Hunter Boots | Black Shirt | Leather Leggings

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