Spring Sun Hat


Welcoming Spring with open arms in this gorgeous sun hat today. I chose to pair it with simple black pieces (including this year’s must-have flat). A cheetah wristlet and orange lips makes the look pop. This lip colour is my absolute obsession. I am a die-hard fan of MAC Cosmetic’s matte and satin lip sticks. I may still be a little bitter about not being able to get my hands on a Kylie Lip Kit, but that is another story.

Now that its officially Spring here on the West Coast I am SO excited to be getting some outdoor time (and a break from school)! Lately we have been taking Mila to the park and the beach almost every day. That little lady just loves to explore.

Recently Mila took a break from walking (for almost a week). No one could figure out why (including her doctor). Family members suggested pulled muscles or shin splints but she hadn’t been engaging in any more physically activity than usual. Anyways, she is back to her normal self, cheekily chasing the dogs everywhere.

During a recent Sephora spree, I decided to change up my self-tanning routine. A long-time user of L’oreal Sublime Bronze products, I decided to try something different with St. Tropez. I love the mousse so much more than using a lotion! The tint is a nice brown as well rather than orange like so many other tanning products out there. As you can kind of see from my hands above, a self-tanning mitt might be a good investment! But hey, nobody is perfect.



Dress | Hat (Ivory/Black) | Sunglasses | Wristlet | Shoes | Lippy (Retro Matte – Dangerous)

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