White Dresses and Cherry Blossoms



Cherry blossoms are probably the most tell-tale sign that Spring is here on the West Coast. Although they only last a few short weeks, their beauty is too much to ignore!

I love Spring. Neutrals turn to bright whites and colourful florals. Nude make-up sees a turn towards blushing pastels and bright lippies (my personal weakness). This season is where I find most of my inspiration. So naturally, I have been scribbling in my day planner like crazy and goal-setting frequently.

I sported this white, Spring dress for little Mila’s and my park date. This girl loves to explore. Whether she is plucking daisies or shovelling handfuls of grass into her mouth (grr), I can’t seem to keep her indoors. Ironically and unfortunately we have recently discovered the little miss has an allergy to grass! She is quick to break out in hives upon contact.

These sandals are such a steal, I bought them in two colours! I call them my “exploring shoes”. They are equally as comfortable as they are stylish. I tied together the look with a simple hat and fringe detailed cross body.



Dress | Hat | Bag | Shoes 

Mila’s Shoes