Walk by the Beach

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A simple denim shirt can turn any look casual. I love layering them with silky tops and shorts, or tying them around my waist with a cute dress. This love for this half of the Canadian tuxedo is probably why I keep multiple denim shirts in my wardrobe in various washes. The first step to any addiction is admittance right?

They have been renovating the beach front by our place for months on end and they are finally finished! Naturally, we had to pop down for a walk to check out the new walkways and seating areas. It looks so beautiful (especially now that the parking and walking paths are level). They completed the area with hanging banners done by local artists and fresh hanging baskets filled with various floral arrangements. How adorable!

I am sure I have said enough about how obsessed I am with these gladiator sandals. I wear them everywhere! This Steve Madden tote I snagged on sale at The Bay a few months ago. I use it all of the time. It looks so similar to Céline but for a fraction of the price. If you are like me, then you aren’t quick to buy things at full price (who does that). If you put a little bit of effort in, you can usually find some sort of deal.

PS. If you have Google Chrome as a web browser, check out the extension called “Honey”. Available in the Google Chrome Web Store, it will seriously save your online shopping life. Check out my link to get paid to shop too: joinhoney.com/ref/acmsrv



Denim Shirt | White Dress | Gladiator Sandals | Black Tote | Cat Eye Frames

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