Fall Style Elements


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For once raw images! There have been no edits done on the above photographs in attempts to show off some of my imperfections that you do not often seen on blogs (I am talking to you pasty white mom bod).

Sharing a few of my favourite elements of Fall style this year. Although rain frequents us here on the West wet coast, I thoroughly enjoy the rare cloudy days where I don’t have to bundle up in dull, neutral rain attire.

My top three picks for Fall wardrobes can be seen above:

  1. Thigh high boots – Thanks to Stewart Weitzman for his creative hand in making thigh highs less of a sex staple and more mainstream. That being said, I hunted for a cheaper option.
  2. Wool Hats – YESSSS I love hats any time of year, but Fall is my favourite time to wear them. Wool hats tie looks together people, and there are endless options.
  3. Floral dresses – I know I am so out of season when I say this, but floral dresses are so much cuter to me paired with boots/booties and a wool hat or scarf for Fall. It’s such a fresh take that not many utilize. Plus it’s a great excuse to get extra wear out of them!

Further life updates (as I have been on yet another crazy hiatus – 4 months actually): the Leadership Conference is DONE! Maybe you did not know that I was Chairing an annual Leadership Conference this year or maybe you did. None the less, the biggest thing I have learned from the experience is that it is A LOT easier to stay home and watch Netflix, a lot.

Mila is growing like a weed! Her new favourite thing is licking people (gross, I know). Recently she has been talking lots. We like to say “love you Mila” only for her to respond with “love me!” *insert eye roll here*.

A reminder to all of my loves that the Sephora VIB sale starts Friday – 20% off everything! If you are like me, you will pre game your online shopping cart days before (hehe). This is my favourite sale and every year I stock up on goodies for me and Christmas gifts for friends.

You will have to excuse my pasty legs in the photos, this was a few days before my OrganicTan, but more on that later.



Thigh High Boots (Also Here)| Floral Dress (Also Here) | Wool Hat | Shoulder Bag (Mine is sold out, but this is a similar option and it’s on sale) | Watch is Michael Kors

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