Wannabe-Spring Sweater


GUYS! The weather is finally warming up (knock on wood)! By that I mean it is finally above zero again. Snow, I love you and all, but this is the West Coast not Toronto.

It is not only a new year but it is also January meaning my final semester of my undergrad has commenced and boy am I ready for it to be over. Mila turns two this month. God help me. I swear she is already into the terrible twos. I left a plate with four delicious homemade chocolate chip banana muffins on the counter the other day and the little monster climbed up and ate ALL OF THEM. HOW can she even fit so many in her tiny body?! I feel like two year olds are a different beast completely and this one knows my weaknesses. “mommy I’m sorry” she repeatedly recites from time out in between sobs. Oh the cuteness is almost too much!

My winter glow is courtesy of Organic Tan Chemainus. Jen is an angel sent from the bronzing heavens. The Sunnatan after care products are equally amazing and smell too good. I am a frequent flyer when it comes to “Keep me Golden” and “Tan me Dark” and I think I may have a slight addiction to the Coconut Mango Body Lotion…

As you can see from my hands in the photos, I wash them far too much. So much so that I have medically diagnosed chronic dry skin on my hands from this activity. I literally have a prescription hand cream. I can’t help it. #humblebrag though, I have only been sick once this Fall/Winter season!

Anyways, a much needed Mexico getaway comes for us in two weeks and boy can it not come soon enough.



Sweater (Black is sold out) | Leggings| Boots | Scarf | Bag (Calf hair substitute!)

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