Sephora VIB Sale!

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As many of you know, Sephora’s annual VIB sale just finished up. If you aren’t VIB or VIB Rouge, you should be! This time of year, Sephora offers 20% off all purchases for their VIB and VIB Rouge customers. Last Thursday held the VIB Rouge Beauty After Hours event. Sephora closes their stores for two hours to provide exclusive shopping for VIB Rouge guests only (and their plus ones!). 20% off, goody bags, AND drinks and treats? Count me in!

So obviously I did some damage…

These are my favourite picks from the sale!

Sephora Favourites “Lashstash” $54

Too Faced Melted French Kisses $32

Becca Glow on the Go $24 (in store)

Taste Holidaze “Light of the Party” $71 (in store)

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TARTE! Have I ever mentioned how in love I am with you? This Holiday palette is amazing. I mean once you get over the sequins (maybe just me, not my thing), the zippered packaging makes this palette so durable for travel. Inside: 30 shadows,  one highlighter, one blush, one bronzer, one brush, AND a deluxe mascara. All of this for $71 (plus 20% off)!! How could I ever say no. The mini palette on the top is super compact and removable too (beneath it is a mirror-LOVE) which makes it very easy to take on the go.

Some of the shadows are matte while some are shimmery, but they all are very long-wearing and durable. The Mascara is very volumizing and the blush, bronzer, and highlighter are very workable shades for any skin tone. I have been a long-time fan of Tarte’s amazonian clay products and this palette was no different. It isn’t on Sephora’s site yet (but it is in stores) as it’s brand new. So keep an eye out for it because I predict this holiday set to sell out uber fast.

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Left to Right: Melted Metal Peony, Melted Chihuahua, Melted Metal Macaron, Melted Berry.

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Left to right, top to bottom: Melted Metal Peony, Melted Chihuahua, Melted Metal Macaron, Melted Berry.

Too Faced Melted French Kisses was a no brainer for me. I am obsessed with these lippies (a favourite amongst Nars Audacious and MAC). This set comes with four deluxe size Melted (two original Melted and two Melted Metal) which is plenty and will last you ages. I love Too Faced’s Melted lip colours because they are so moisturizing yet really durable. I can’t say I was too big of a fan of the Melted Metal Shades however. They didn’t seem to last as long as the original Melted and the finish was too shiny for me. Melted Chihuahua on the other hand is my new every day shade. It’s a nice brownish nude (a la Kylie Jenner) and looks gorgeous and natural. $32 for this set – I didn’t think twice. The Full size colours are $25 each!

Side note: I have this weird test I do for the staying power of lip colours. I call it the “nacho test” (I am a  big ENORMOUS fan of nachos, as many of you know). Nachos are the perfect messy, greasy, finger food to test your lipsticks on. Okay stay with me here. I slick on a lippie and make a delicious batch of nachos with my fiancé. We go all out. I’m talking banana peppers, onion, extra cheese, jalapeños, olives, tomato, guacamole, sour cream… you name it. I enjoy the nachos while seeing if my lip colour stays on until the end. Guys! Melted Berry passed with flying colours and Melted Chihuahua passed too. The Metal shades fell short though (hence my lack of endorsement there). Weird test I know, but it works.

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The Becca “Glow on the Go” isn’t available yet on the site (again, only in stores currently) but when it is, nab it! The set comes with both a deluxe size powder highlighter and a deluxe size liquid highlighter. Becca is famous for its amazing highlighters and this set provides you with the perfect duo for only $20. I love the powder highlighter; it gives my cheeks that perfect pop to wake up my face. Be careful not to use too much however or you’ll appear very shimmery.

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Finally, the annual Sephora Favourites Lashstash. This holiday set is a serious favourite of mine. Seriously. So don’t be surprised if you get this from me as a gift this year (I crazily bought out Sephora’s stock at the Beauty After Hours Event. I probably looked like the crazy cat lady, but with mascaras). for $54 I can’t stress enough the value here. You get 8 deluxe mascaras, plus an Hourglass liner (which is the bomb), Tarte Best in Faux Lash fibres, and a full size Tarte lash curler (which retails for $22 on its own). My favourites from this set include Too Faced Better Than Sex and the Nars Cosmetics Audacious Mascara. Many people have issues with the Blinc mascara but I didn’t mind it. It’s definitely different in that it tubes your eyelashes rather than coating them. So it can be a pain to remove (soak your lashes with warm water and makeup remover, then gently wipe). It wasn’t my favourite, but it did work quite well to create a thickening effect. Overall this set is great. You get a variety of mascaras to try (lengthening, thickening, volumizing) in very generous sizes.

Missing from my above favourites is the Sephora Favourites “Give Me More Lip”. Sephora is all sold out and I am praying to you Sephora pleaseeeeeeeeee restock.

Bottom line: I should probably stay out of Sephora for awhile. RIP wallet.