Sugaring, Without the Sugar Coating


Have you ever heard of Sugaring? It is the process of using a sticky ball rolled onto the skin and body hair then pulled off (in the direction of hair growth) as an alternative to its harsher and more painful counterpart: waxing. Sounds wonderful, right? I am not sure how much simpler I can make it. That is what the process was supposed to be. Simple.

So I did it.

It was a sunny weekday afternoon as I sauntered into Sei Bella Sugaring Spa in Duncan, BC for my appointment with Breanna. I was there for my first Brazilian. For someone who hates, hates, HATES body hair it may come across a little strange that I had never been waxed, lasered, or sugared up to this point. My mind was filled with expectations of low pain, hopes of permanency, and no worry about side-effects from chemicals (such as those used in typical waxing).

The entire appointment consumed about a half an hour which I was told was the usual for first-timers (AKA moi).

Was it painful? Well, yes. At one point I told Breanna that her sugaring down there made me never want to have another child again in my life (sorry Breanna!). That being said, Breanna was amazing and I would highly recommend her. The bikini area was not bad at all, only mildly uncomfortable. It was the rest that was a bit more unpleasant.

Were the staff helpful? Incredibly. As they were quite booked up, Allison set my name aside in case a cancellation came up as I was only in town for the day. Sure enough she managed to squeeze me in! After my appointment was finished, Allison had an aftercare package waiting for me with helpful information, and all natural creams and an exfoliating scrub to use the days after.

What about permanency? Honestly, I would swear that only about 1/3 of my hair has been growing back which is enough to convince me to return even if only for a bikini touch up.

Advice? Be diligent with your healing cream application! I found that the entire process was a little much for my lady bits making the area fairly sore and itchy for the next 48 hours or so. This may not occur for everyone. Keep in mind I had never had hair removal before!

What do you think? Are you ready to try sugaring? Head over to their website to get 20% off your first Brazilian!